no moon's original concept was created by moo. inspired by the books by erin hunter, published by harpercollins. skin & cfs by libby. custom profile by moo. header, affiliate banner, advertisement, and default avatar by nocturne (!!!), with edits and mini profiles by moo. badge pixels and custom emoticons by andie (!!!) and pixels galore on tumblr. staff images by digbyoppa on tumblr. thank you all! ♥

welcome to warriors: no moon. established 7/10/16, we're a play-by-post 200+ wordcount warriors au roleplay, set 2 years after the events of the last hope. after a devastating loss to the dark forest, the cats around the lake have been left in shambles; the once-great warrior clans, without the guidance of starclan, have fallen into disarray, and many have chosen to abandon the warrior code, fleeing the forest to become rogues and kittypets. the clans must choose: unite, or die?

january 16. owow whats this

july 4. happy fourth of july! the activity check has been completed, and shadowclan deputy is open for auditions again. ♥

july 3. the new skin is up early! i've been having some trouble with this one, if you notice any glitches or if anything looks wonky, let me know! also, don't forget to post in the activity check; it ends tomorrow. ♥

july 10. happy one year anniversary, no moon! thank you all for joining this site and filling it with your wonderful kitties and hanging around in the chats - you all made this little site what it is today. to celebrate the anniversary, the site has a new skin, new badges, and a huge plot event! ♥

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keep yr eyes peeled lads!
- luv, moo ♥
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